Conference session: Wednesday 23rd June 10:00 CEST. Join this session as we launch the Protocol and explore how it can support strong linkages and collaboration.

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Recent years have seen increased interaction between community seed banks and national genebanks, with positive examples in Bhutan, Mexico, Nepal and Uganda. Collaboration remains mostly informal, but with productive participation in meetings, seed and food fairs and through trainings in seed management.

No formal agreements have been signed to structure and monitor the collaboration in a more rigorous manner, as a means to build a strong national conservation system. In 2020, professionals from various countries who support community seed banks, decided to develop a generic Protocol for Collaboration that could help shape the collaboration process in countries where this has not yet taken place, also helping to solidify the process in countries where such collaboration is already emerging.


In this session, you will hear from the experienced team who contributed to the formulation of the Protocol. Hearing cases from Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe, you will explore the experiences that fed the development of the Protocol and be guided to learn what the Protocol contains and the benefits of its application.

Session objectives:

  • Improve understanding the challenges of collaboration between community seed banks and national genebanks
  • Gather insights from the national experiences that guided the development of the Protocol
  • Discuss the application and benefits of the Protocol for Collaboration

Speakers (pending confirmation)


Abishkar Subedi, Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation


  • Joyce Adokorach, Plant Genetic Resources Centre, NARO, Uganda
  • Dominic Kimani, Seed Savers Network, Kenya
  • Marcelline Fusire, Community Technology Development Trust, Zimbabwe