Creating demand for quality seed


Billions of dollars have been invested in crop improvement programmes for the development of improved varieties, yet yields in Africa lag significantly behind other regions. Limited use of quality seed and low rates of turnover of improved varieties are among the main reasons for low productivity. ISSD Africa aims to improve farmer productivity, household food security and income by promoting the use of quality seed of improved varieties.

Having identified, piloted and validated strategies to create seed demand, we aim to equip commercial seed enterprises, both big and small, and development practitioners in non-/governmental organizations (N/GOs) supporting the seed sector with the knowledge of what works effectively.

Expected outcomes include: stakeholder intelligence of the seed market in Africa increased and effective policies, strategies and/or practices in promoting quality seed use identified and applied. The objective is not only to increase demand to meet supply, but to better match what is being supplied with what farmers really want.

Action learning questions

  1. What knowledge do key stakeholders need to better understand markets and estimate demand, and where can they turn to for relevant information?
  2. What are effective policies, strategies and/or practices in promoting quality seed use?
  3. How can we influence that these effective policies, strategies and/or practices are applied?


Outcome 1: Increased use of quality seed products that better respond to farmer and market needs