ISSD Africa

African innovation for seed sector transformation


Lack of access to quality seed is one of the most pressing issues hindering productivity increase in Africa. ISSD Africa (established in 2012) is an international community of practice, guiding seed sector innovation and development on the African continent to alleviate the problem of limited access to quality seed. Addressing complex seed sector challenges of continental importance will result in better performing seed sectors with increased access to quality seed, of varieties that farmers prefer. This will have a positive impact on food and nutritional security and on farmer income.

ISSD Africa aims to:

  • become a true community of practice with visibility for all contributing partners, a strong sharing of responsibilities among international and African partners, strengthened African ownership and diversification of funding and leadership
  • be the initiator, facilitator and communicator of learning about effective seed sector intervention, management and policies in Africa
  • offer a simple and easy to access and use website for seed sector professionals with the ambition to realise seed sector innovation in Africa, to ensure inclusive access to quality seed of farmer- and consumer-desired varieties
  • provide the structure to co-create, experiment, learn and exchange how to address complex seed sector challenges, with a focus on seed sector innovation in Africa
  • ensure that the latest insights and expertise on seed sector development are available to governments, projects and programmes intervening to improve access to quality seed.