When: February 22nd, 2023. This event has concluded.

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The current phase of the ISSD Africa CoP is nearing conclusion. Over the last three years, collaborative action research and extensive dialogue has yielded new insights and innovations for addressing key common bottlenecks in African seed sectors.

In October 2022, the ISSD Africa Synthesis Conference in Kigali provided the platform to share, discuss and validate emerging insights from not only ISSD Africa’s eight action research topic teams, but also the activities and outputs of close to 170 contributing partners.

Together, partners have shaped new guiding perspectives to advance seed sector transformation in Africa. These insights and perspectives form the basis of the Third Communiqué on Integrated Seed Sector Development in Africa. The Communiqué is accompanied by a series of Briefs which provide context and impetus to the Communiqué, and detail five key seed sector transformation ambitions.

The upcoming online event launches and introduces the Communiqué and Briefs. During the event, you will hear about the Communiqué and Briefs’ contents and purpose. Authors will share on the process of developing the materials and their hopes for how stakeholders and partners can use the documents to guide decision-making and collective action. You will have the opportunity to share reflections and questions on the Communqué during the event.

As the closing event for this phase of ISSD Africa, the webinar will also see ISSD Africa Topic Leads synthesise key outcomes from their portfolios of action research activities and launch new Synthesis Briefs as guides to their activities, outputs and learning.

We hope you will join this exciting event and mark this important milestone in the mission of the ISSD Africa Community of Practice