Third Communiqué on Integrated Seed Sector Development in Africa: Emerging insights and perspectives for advancing the transformation of Africa’s seed sector

The Communiqué captures the outcomes of the ISSD Africa Synthesis Conference (Kigali, Oct 2022). Emerging insights from ISSD Africa’s and partner iniatives’ action research activities were presented, validated and contextualised during the conference. The process resulted in new guiding perspectives for seed sector transformation across Africa.

The communiqué aims to provide direction and guide future steps for seed sector transformation, contributing to more inclusive and sustainable food systems and to achieving SDGs. Through its synthesis of perspectives on seed sector transformation, the communiqué aims to inspire strategic choices for investing in the seed sector and to advance the needs of the African Seed and
Biotechnology Programme.

The Communiqué is structured around five distinct and critical seed sector transformation ambitions. Each ambition is elaborated with specific insights and perspectives and has it’s own accompanying brief in which perspectives and insights are unpacked.

Further briefs are also developed in support of the Communiqué. These introduce ISSD and other concepts and explain the iniative behind the Communiqué’s ambitions. A final brief concerns fostering an enabling environment for stewarding seed sector transformation, referencing specific perspectives across the various ambitions.

Download the documents here: