Watch the session recording to hear insights for supporting women’s success in seed business

This webinar took place on June 15th. You can watch the recording of the event here:

Seed entrepreneurs in Africa south of the Sahara have different motivations to go into business, face specific challenges in starting up their seed operations, and have to deal with persistent barriers to sustained success.

Intro video

This webinar will discuss findings of a multi-country study that applies a gender lens to what drives seed entrepreneurism, and assesses factors that specifically influence women’s success in seed business.  

The webinar will show findings from three case studies: chicken seed dissemination in Ethiopia and Tanzania; tilapia seed production in Ghana; and marketing and trading of improved maize and sorghum seeds in Kenya.

An interactive discussion with the panel of authors will provide an opportunity to explore the implications of the findings for follow-up research and programme design.


Berber Kramer, Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute and Topic Lead for ISSD Africa Topic on Gender Dynamics in Seed Systems.

Tatiana Gumucio, Research Scientist at Clark University.

Catherine Ragasa, Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute.

Alessandra Galiè, Team leader: Gender, and Principal Scientist at the International Livestock Research Institute.