Consultations informing partners’ development of materials to support seed emergency responses.

Earlier this year, the USAID/Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance-funded SCALE Award led a series of consultations with program implementers and HQ technical advisors on challenges and opportunities around Seed System Security Assessments (SSSA/SSA).

SCALE has summarized the discussions here, highlighting gaps and shortfalls around SSSA use during program applications; barriers to SSSA uptake and adoption; and recommendations going forward.

These findings will inform the Mercy Corps-led ISSD Africa Topic 2: Effective Seed Insecurity Response in Emergency contexts, by complementing the development of the Seed Emergency Response Toolkit (Output 1.1) and seed emergency response framework (Output 1.2).. 

SCALE plans to continue bringing implementing partners together to share and learn about SSSA/SSAs in the coming year. We will be sure to keep you informed as our plans take shape.

Kindly email Wilfred Ouko,, should you have any comments or questions.