July 26-29: Save-the-Date for a multi-session seminar on cutting-edge RTB seed systems tools. Meet and work with global experts and apply for mentoring to advance your work and impact

Save the date for a special seminar on the tools for studying, documenting and evaluating the seed systems of root, tuber and banana crops (https://tools4seedsystems.org/).

Join the world’s experts on these cutting edge methods for an online, three-day event (two hours each day) on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday July 26, 28 and 29 (starting at 7 AM Peru time/ 3 PM East Africa).

Mark your calendars, and wait for the registration link that is coming soon.

The seminar is a follow-up to the toolbox launch from earlier in 2021: Read more here here

Mentoring opportunity
Interested in more than a seminar? RTB will also select three teams of professionals to use the tools to study a specific seed system. RTB will provide mentoring during the study, editorial support to write a publishable paper and to submit a proposal to seek funding for a project.

If you are interested in leading a team to study the seed system of a root, tuber or banana crop in your country, please send an email to: