The coneference on “Guiding Seed Sector Transformation in Africa: Durable Solutions to Systemic Problems” is now concluded! Many thanks for all of your contributions!

This session has concluded. The recording will be featured on this website in due course. Stay informed by subscribing to the maiing list. You can see the link to subscribe in the menu.

During the synthesis panel, African and global leaders in the community of seed systems will link the examples of seed sector transformation practices shared in the conference to the larger context of food system transformation. This is the link between our conference and the UN food systems summit.

The panellists will be asked to zoom in where and how they see seed sector transformation practices, presented during the conference, can act as food system game changers. Entree points are linked with the three food system goals:

  • Enhance food security and nutrition through food use, healthy diets, accessible, affordable, stable and available food
  • Socio-economic food system outcomes such as income, inclusion, gender and youth empowerment, employment, equality, justice and sovereignty, functioning communities in food systems, etc
  • Environmental food system outcomes such as climate change adaptation, resilience, biodiversity conservation and use, combating desertification, sustainable and eco-friendly production systems

Panellists share their views, and how they see seed sector practitioners can follow that example. We conclude with a discussion on foreseen trade-offs between different aspects of the food systems through seed system practices and food system impacts.


  • To gain in a nutshell oversight and a synthesis of various presentations, dialogues and debates during the conference
  • To gain a better understanding of placing seed sector transformation within food systems
  • To learn positioning seed sector innovations and practices within food system transformation, outcomes and trade-off
  • To identify where seed sector innovations are potential game changers in food system transformation