An investor guide for africa: generating seed market intelligence

Conference session: Wednesday 23rd June 10:00 CEST. Join this session and help shape a support service to guide strategic investments in Africa’s seed markets.

This session runs parallel to the main plenary. To attend, you need to register separately:

Under the ISSD Africa Topic on Creating Demand for Quality Seed, Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation and partners are currently exploring the value proposition and minimum viable product for informing commercial investors, like seed companies, and impact investors, like development finance institutes and donors, about the attractiveness of investing in African seed markets.

We do this with the view to generate greater intelligence on these markets, give recommendations for investment decisions and broker connections. Anchoring such a service in Africa is also very much a part of our vision.

During this session we will present our ideas for validation, including our approach to collating and curating information, and hear from a panel of different investors what recommendations and partnerships they need for being decisive and confident in their investments Africa’s seed markets.

We will also gauge their specific interests in predictions about the future, and what would make them trust the power of such predictions. Join this session to follow the conversation and express your points of view on the subject.

Session objectives:

  • Validate the findings of our research on sources of relevant information and categories for ordering these (like investor type, market archetypes and geography)
  • Discuss the minimum viable product for a support service to investors interested in Africa’s seed markets
  • Explore the power of prediction and what would make investors trust these predictions more
  • Generate interest in our findings and possible support to prototyping service delivery

Session speakers (pending confirmation)


Gareth Borman, Advisor agric-sector transformation, Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI)


  • Stuart Morris, Director, East-West Knowledge Transfer
  • Agnes Johan, Head of Blended Finance, Rabobank
  • Mainza Mugoya, Programme Coordinator, TASAI Inc.
  • John Mukluka, Seed development expert, COMESA