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  • Passing of Mr. Josiah Wobil, AfricaSeeds, Ghana

    22/05/2023 by

    We are deeply saddened to hear the news of the passing of Mr. Josiah Wobil. On behalf of the entire ISSD Africa Community of Practice, we extend our deep condolences to Josiah’s family, friends and colleagues. Josiah was a remarkable leader who made significant contributions to the transformation of the seed sector in multiple countries… Read more

  • ISSD Africa topical synthesis briefs

    19/05/2023 by

    Since 2019, ISSD Africa topic leads and partners have been conducting collaborative action research and facilitating dialogue and learning with stakeholders and networks working to transform Africa’s seed sector. Much of the outputs and outcomes of these activities have been presented, discussed and validated in ISSD Africa’s events and the outputs are to be found… Read more

  • RTB Tools4SeedSystems Virtual Workshop, May 23 & 25, Online 

    09/05/2023 by

    This two-day workshop focuses on Tools4SeedSystems, a toolbox for enhancing resilience through root, tuber and banana (RTB) crops in humanitarian settings.  The first day’s session will introduce participants to RTB crops and seed systems, and the RTB Toolbox as a set of evolving resources to understand seed systems and to improve interventions. The second day’s session will focus on understanding the specific context for humanitarian interventions and what this… Read more

  • Watch: Exploring the ‘Champion Farmer Business Model’ for more inclusive seed delivery

    09/05/2023 by

    Making the seed system more effective and inclusive is an essential starting point for improving smallholder farmers’ productivity and livelihoods. Under the ISSD Africa topic on Gender Dynamics in Seed Systems, ACRE Africa, KALRO FARMING, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and Wageningen University & Research – have been researching the ‘Champion Farmer’ business model for seed-related support to marginalised, particularly… Read more

  • Policies, laws, and regulations in support of farmer-managed seed systems: still a long way to go. A review of 14 countries in Africa.

    19/04/2023 by

    The main finding of this review report of seed (related) policies and laws in 14 African countries is that, although in most countries there is some form of acknowledgment that farmer-managed seed systems exist, there are not many positive results related to recognition of and concrete support for farmer-managed seed systems (policy, legal, technical, operational,… Read more

  • An investors’ guide to Africa’s emerging seed markets: Report of the research on generating seed market intelligence

    19/04/2023 by

    Fragmented market intelligence is a major barrier to investment in Africa’s emerging seed markets. There is significant demand for a service of assessing the attractiveness of emerging seed markets in Africa for (impact) investment. The service should go beyond collating relevant information from diverse sources, by interpreting it and making informed recommendations to (impact) investors.… Read more

  • Reflections and learning from the ISSD Africa Synthesis Conference

    22/03/2023 by

    In October 2022, over 170 global professionals participated in the ISSD Africa Synthesis Conference. Together, they shaped the 3rd Communiqué on ISSD in Africa. As the synthesis event for this phase of ISSD Africa, the conference was an opportunity to discuss the wide array of ISSD Africa and partner initiative innovations arising from collective action… Read more

  • Research paper: Inventory of novel approaches & mechanisms on quality assurance of the seeds of VPCs

    22/03/2023 by

    As an output of ISSD Africa Topic 5 on seed quality assurance, this paper provides an inventory of novel approaches to and mechanisms for quality assurance of the seeds of vegetatively produced crops (VPCs). It explores to what extent seven African countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia) are decentralising and integrating VPC… Read more

  • Companion tool for the Seed Emergency Response Tool (SERT)

    22/03/2023 by

    This practical companion tool supports implementers who are using the decision trees found in the Seed Emergency Response Tool (SERT). The decision trees are designed to be used by humanitarian practitioners in an emergency situation, who are choosing among diverse seed response options. In this companion tool, the SERT decision trees are expanded to include the following:  

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