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Report: Pilot-testing the Context Analysis Tool in NE Nigeria

Under the ISSD Africa topic, ‘Developing the seed sector in fragile states’, Mercy Corps and SeedSystem developed a Context Analysis Tool (CAT) to help humanitarian agencies and other seed system stakeholders working in conflict-affected areas of fragile states to quickly understand the impact of conflict on seed system functioning and identify practical entry points when selecting seed intervention models.

To pilot test the tool, Mercy Corps/ISSD Africa partnered with Mercy Corps Nigeria to use the tool in three Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Borno State, Northeast Nigeria (NE Nigeria). The objectives of the pilot were to determine the relevance and usability of the CAT to inform seed system interventions in conflict-affected areas.

The CAT was used to 1) describe the major conflicts occurring in three LGAs in Borno State, Bama, Damboa, and Jere; 2) assess the agricultural and seed system functioning in these LGAs; and 3) determine how these systems have been impacted by conflict.

This report presents the process and findings of the CAT pilot test as well as recommendations on how the tool can be improved. The findings can help shape the design of future seed intervention programs among farmers in NE Nigeria and similar contexts.

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