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Seed sector transformation in practice: ISSD/PSSD Burundi

Conference session: Tuesday 22 June 12:00 CEST. Join this session to learn from experiences in bringing transformational innovation to the seed sector in Burundi.

This session has taken place. A recording will be shared on this website in due course.

ISSD Burundi, followed by PSSD Burundi has been engaged in over 6 years of seed sector transformation.

The session zooms in on key experiences on demand creation for quality seed of improved varieties that contributed to development of commercial and more professional seed sector including seed companies, seed producers, supply of EGS and a professionalization of seed quality assurance.

This development has boosted the farmers access to and use of quality seed of improved varieties.

The sessions concludes with recommendations derived from the experiences for policy and practice in other countries.

Session objectives:


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