Save the Date – International Virtual Conference: June 21-25

Guiding Seed Sector Transformation in Africa: Durable solutions to systemic problems

Increasing the availability and use of quality seed of new, improved and preferred varieties will drive the agricultural growth necessary to sustainably feed a growing population in a changing climate. Diverse investments around the world have enabled innovation and learning on how to transform the production, distribution and use of quality seed and deliver effective, inclusive and sustainable seed sectors.

However, where some initiatives find success, others continue to face difficulty. An opportunity exists to bring international experiences and expertise together to share lessons, test the durability of solutions, and explore their potential to overcome root causes of common problems.

A week of exploring innovation
The African Union Commission Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture and Wageningen University & Research, with partners in Integrated Seed Sector Development, are organising an International Conference on Guiding Seed Sector Transformation.

It is the organisers’ intention to host a diverse and engaging programme of interactive events throughout the week of June 21st – 25th in alignment with multiple partners and programmes.

More information on the event, its programme and opportunities to participate are forthcoming. For now, please save the date.

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