Farmer seed systems: Digital tools informing community decisions and business – Virtual tool market & discussion webinar

In April 2021, the Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT and the ISSD Africa Community of Practice are hosting an online sharing of digital tools, which culminates in an interactive webinar discussion and reflection.

Providing farmers and farming communities with information and options on seeds and varieties is proven to boost the demand and use of quality seed as well as promote crop diversity and support community seed banks.

A number of digital tools have been released or are under development which seek to put more information in the hands of farmers and other local actors. Much is being learned about the efficacy and design considerations for such tools and their processes of adoption.

An opportunity exists to bring together these lessons and forge a better understanding of what works, what doesn’t and what gaps remain.

Experiencing digital tools
The organisers have a set of five digital tools thus far. The tools will be introduced via short videos and supporting material online in mid-April. More information on these specific tools is forthcoming.

This will give you and the audience the space to learn about the tool and identify and questions or suggestions you may have.

All of these experiences are brought together in an interactive webinar in the third or fourth week of April.

Submit your own tools
The organisers are keen to know about what other digital tools are available, which could be in design, development or implementation phases. You are encouraged to use the opportunity to share your tool and get input from seed sector peers.

Contact for more information or submissions:
Alliance of Bioversity & CIAT: Ronnie Vernooy – r.vernooy [at]
ISSD Africa: James Mulkerrins – james.mulkerrins [at]